Applying Epoxy Coatings to the Garage Flooring

Often we don’t think about our garages or pay much attention to the look of them. They are merely a destination to park the vehicles and store the excess boxes of Xmas accessories and such. However, like any other room in your house your garage floor must be taken good care of.
Because of the use it gets, coupled with drinking water, gas and oil that will unavoidable be spilled after it, garage floor may easily become broken and start to break apart over time of use. Epoxy finish is one treatment for your garage floor coverings challenge. Epoxy layer applies a part of sealant and protectant to your concrete garage floor to help it avoid staining, moisture problems and helps it maintain steadily its appearance.
Installing epoxy floor coverings requires a little up-front planning before beginning. The most important step in the process is making sure that the floor you will apply the epoxy layer onto is free of moisture, residual coloring and does not have a cement sealer or other finishing applied to it.
To test for moisture, have a sheet of plastic material and take it to a 3-feet x 3-foot area using masking tape. Keep it there for approximately two days and nights and then remove and look for any moisture collecting on the side of the plastic facing the floor. If moisture exists, than an epoxy floor layer is not suitable as epoxy requires a dried out surface to properly connection with the floors.
Next, we’ll test to make certain the flooring does not have a sealant already applied to it. This test will also check for the presence of oils in the concrete as well. Take a cup of water and pour it straight onto the existing flooring. It should soak in to the floor in a reasonable amount of time. If it beads or just sits together with the flooring then the flooring has probably recently been sealed or includes oil pollutants. Epoxy floor coverings is not ideal for cement floors that have already been closed or contain any type of olive oil residue as you won’t bond.
Finally, if you are prepared to spend several months testing a location of your garage floor for suitability to setting up epoxy floor you can color a little area with regular, oil-based enamel. If this test area can last for several weeks then chances are an epoxy finish can last as well. However, if you decide to proceed with making use of the epoxy finish you’ll need to remove this enamel coating that will require sanding.

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